Alio the Woodcutter is a fun and engaging puzzle game. The goal of each level is to help Alio cut down all the trees and return to his truck. This seemingly easy task is challenging and fun because of the following rules.
  1. Trees fall only towards opposite Alio's standing position.
  2. Fallen trees occupy land space of size depending on tree height.
  3. Trees fall only on empty land, not occupied by other trees.
  4. Alio cannot pass a fallen tree, unless it's a bridge.
  5. Alio cannot pass flowing water, which can be blocked by fallen trees.
  6. News levels are unlocked by completing open levels.
There are over 40 levels available in the initial release. Some of them are simple yet tricky; some are very challenging and takes great thinking and patience to complete. New levels will be added in future updates.
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Player Comments
Honestly one of the best puzzlers on iOS! Wish it was universal or a HD version will be released with revamped graphics! Still very innovative, no other game has similar gameplay.
By MeowieCat, United States
Cute puzzle game! Nice graphics and very interesting gameplay.
By Peter Reed, United Kingdom
Overall a great puzzle game. A few ui tweaks would make it better. Do you like puzzle games? Give it a chop!
By iReview apps, United States
Super Game. Nur komme ich einfach nicht bei Level 5-2: twin rivers weiter. Kann mir jemand helfen?
By Kekspuschel, Germany
Vyborna logicka hra s velkym mnozstvim urovni!
By bax_cz, Czech Republic
"This game is awesome I got hooked on it on the first day.......but I finshed it, all other than that I would buy the full version of the game!"
By Mk Master, United States
"Very unique and fun game. I was addicted from the very first puzzle." Rating:
By Wesmaster, United States
By 饿了我, China
満足です。 難易度は高めなパズルです。 無料版が面白かったのですが、値段が高い感じがしたので有料版は控えていました。 セールで115円になったので買っちゃいました。
By _xillion_, Japan
レビューなかったので最初無料版を試したら、けっこう難しい森林伐採ゲームでした。 木々をぶった切ったあと、自分は車で逃走しなければならないので、そのルートを 残しての斬り倒し方向を考えるのが面白い。ステージの一発クリアーは、ほとんど できませんでした。
By 逆エコ, Japan
"I love this game and I'm definetly going to get the full version!! The graphics are beautiful and really challenges you to think!" Rating:
By Cutegurl, United States
By , United States
"This game was easy at first until later levels where I begun to get stuck. Good gameplay and an original idea make this game fun! Aaand it's FREE!" Rating:
By Johnee, New Zealand
"Graphic's are nice and the game play is fun. Great for puzzle fans as it can be quite challenging and rewarding. Touch controls are a little sensitive, glad for the multiple undo function. Love the concept, quite unique. Would love to see more levels. Glad I found this game accidently while searching for something else. Go figure." Rating:
By 4x4Adventures, United States
"Great graphics, and a fair selection of puzzles. Don't let the cute look-and-feel of it it put you off - some of the puzzles are quite difficult."
By Brett Archibald, United Kingdom
"I have so many apps that they won't all fit on my iPod Touch so I have to rotate apps from my library to my iPod Touch. But this game is going to stay for a long time. If you like puzzle games, you will love this game. ..."
By bittlebox, United State
"This is a fun and unique challenge. I don't know how many other game to compare it to. ... Rather than being a puzzler that is impossible to complete, you just need to really think and plan ahead. ..."
By Snow Mani, Australia
"Due to the graphics I thought oh boy here we go and game with great graphics but cheezy puzzles. Oh how I was wrong. It has great gameplay puzzle logic solving. ..."
By, United States
"Great game. It's not as easy as you might think. Recommended."
By igotchi mom, United States
"... The concept is simple, yet I'm amazed by the smartly designed levels"
By cnlayer, United States
"Awesome game! It looks simple but it's really not. ... Best puzzle game I played on my iPod T."
By lee c2d, Singapore